Ideas for dealing with being bored

Ideas for dealing with being bored 70+

they call it fishing not catching

Fishing is a relaxing way to burn up a few hours of the day.

They call it fishing rather than catching for a reason. It’s all about the fishing process and the desire for it to be relaxing. If you catch a fish, that’s great, but who cares?

Sitting on the bank of a beautiful river, watching the water, listening to the birds in the nearby trees, and occasionally checking on your rod to see if it’s wobbling is about as good as it gets for me.

Just be sure to cover up and/or protect yourself from the sun and you‘ll enjoy a few hours of fishing.  It doesn’t cost much to get started.  You can get a 300 piece family tackle kit from BCF (Boating, Camping & Fishing) for around $40 and a Rod & Reel combo for around $60.   Then it’s just a matter of grabbing some bait from your local bait shop.  

So for around $100, you are all set and then maybe $10 for bait each time you head out.   You can also get a rather huge beach umbrella from BCF for around $80.

Learn fishing on YouTube

Beginners can learn fishing on YouTube

There’s a good chance that you’ve used YouTube at some point, whether it has been on your phone, tablet or personal computer.   However, if you’re like a lot of people, you may have only been using it to watch funny cat videos or snippets from Saturday Night Live.

What you may not appreciate though is that you can learn the basics of just about anything on YouTube.

For the last 20+ years around 15 million people have been creating content on YouTube.    With that in mind, it’s very unlikely that you would struggle to find at least a few videos on how to learn something that you have in mind.

It all starts by simply typing the topic you would like to view videos on into the search box (see above).   YouTube will then extract and then list everything it has that meets this criteria (see above).

Use the YouTube search filter to restrict the search results

Beginners can learn fishing on YouTube (1)

If there is a particular need to watch a video that has appeared in YouTube today, this week, this month or this year, you can restrict your search criteria as such.   In a similar manner, when it comes to the duration of the videos you would like to watch, you can filter for videos that are under 4 minutes long, 4 to 20 minutes or over 20 minutes.

Try a hobby such as woodworking

learning woodwork will relieve boredom

If you’ve got some reasonable space in your shed or garage and looking for something to do with your hands that will occupy your mind for many hours at a time, then I strongly recommend woodworking.

Woodworking requires a fair degree of safety on your part as it entails using hand and/or or power tools that are often either sharp or simply dangerous in nature.

Once you’ve learnt the basics of woodworking, it won’t be that long before you are crafting wood into beautiful, decorative, or very practical items. 

You may end up making a few pieces that you end up displaying proudly in your home.   In fact, the natural feel of wood is widely considered to be a relaxing feature in homes.

Wood pieces can improve the look of your home by adding natural beauty as well as a sense of earthly warmth and comfort.  A lot of people respond strongly to an abundance of wood in a home, and people will just love touching them.

How fast you learn woodworking depends on you and how much time you decide to spend developing your skills each week.   If you were to spend a couple of hours each day, then I’m sure this is a skill that you will learn quickly.


There are hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos that teach you woodworking.   There are also just as many books available on platforms such as Amazon for you to build up a home library on woodworking and you may decide to purchase a few books on the various types of woodworking such as cabinet making, joinery, woodturning, pyrography, carving and whittling.

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