Sit to Stand Assistance Devices

Sit to Stand Assistance Devices

Sit to Stand Assistance Device Innovations.

Standing up from a sitting position can become more difficult as we age, and even more difficult when we add a few medical conditions to the mix.   Although a simple function that most people probably never consider, for those of us who now struggle to get out of our favourite chair, it is an essential task, and sometimes a worrying one if we now live alone.

Tendon injuries, arthritis, and muscle loss can all make getting up from your chair during a commercial break while watching your favourite show a real challenge.   

Fortunately, there are some very well thought out solutions now available to us that make this much less of an issue.

The Stander EZ Stand-N-Go.

The Stander EZ Stand-N-Go

These devices are a dependable way to safely stand up once you’ve finished sitting in your comfortable chair.   They can also be of assistance to you when sitting down.  This device enables you to safely stand up from any sofa, chair, or recliner.  The cushioned pads are easy on the hands as you put your weight on them to stand up.   The maximum weight these devices can support is 136kg/300lbs.

Upon delivery they need to be assembled and it is at this time you make all the necessary adjustments in height, width, and depth.  Here is a link to the Safety, Warnings & Assembly instructions PDF

You will need to make sure the EZ Stand-N-Go is going to fit to your sofa or recliner chair etc prior to purchase to avoid the hassle of having to return the item.  Here are the fitment dimensions for this device:

1.     Cushion Heights: 12in/300mm to 21in/533mm

2.    Cushion Widths: 19in/482mm to 26in/660mm

3.    Cushion Depths: 24in/609mm to 27in/685mm

4.    Handle Heights from the floor can be adjusted from 22in/558mm to 32in/812mm.   The handle height above the horizontal frame adjustments are 7in/177mm to 11in/279mm.


Depending on your circumstances, you might need help assembling this device, as using an Allen Key can be difficult for people with arthritic hands.  If you need assistance assembling the device, you may be able to enlist the help of family, friends, or a community group.   It might even be worth contacting your local mobility aid shop to see if they can order one for you and then send someone out to assist you in assembling it and making the necessary adjustments.

The Able Life Universal Stand Assist.

The Able Life Universal Stand Assist

The Able Life Universal Stand Assist is very similar to the Stander EZ Stand-N-Go in many ways.   The main difference being that the Universal Stand Assist has handles rather than pads for you to place your hands on.

In terms of weight capacity and various dimensional adjustments, the majority of the specifications of this Able Life Stand Assist are very similar to those of the Stander Unit.

Able Life Universal Chair Cane & the Stander Couch Cane.

Couch Stands - sit to stand assistance

‘Able Life’ and ‘Stander’ both have Sit to Stand Assistance products known as Canes.  The weight-bearing handle of both units can support a maximum of 113kg/250lbs.  The design/shape of the handle is the most visible difference.   The handle of the Able Life Device is open ended, whereas the Stander Couch Cane handle is enclosed and comes with a handy saddle bag for storing your remote controls or mobile phone.  Both devices are secured for safety by placing the base plates under the legs of your couch/sofa.

Floor to Ceiling Stand Assistance Poles.

Floor to ceiling stand assistance poles

‘Able Life’ and ‘Stander’ both provide sit to stand assistance poles. These poles are tensioned between the floor and ceiling of any room in your home adjacent to a place where you regularly sit.   The primary distinction between the two poles is that the ‘Able Life’ offering includes a D-shaped grab bar and the Stander pole has a much larger curved shaped grab bar.   The ‘Stander’ pole can be securely tensioned to a ceiling height of 10ft/3metres, whereas the ‘Able Life’ pole can support a slightly lower ceiling, with a maximum height extension of 9ft/2.7metres.

One feature of the Stander pole that I particularly like is the adjustment knob at the bottom of the grab bar, which allows you to change the rotational position of the grab bar.   This would be very useful for getting the exact right position for the grab bar in relation to where you are attempting to go from seated to standing.   The angle at which you have the grab bar may be different for getting out of bed than it is for getting up from the toilet seat.

The Able Life product is called a “Universal Floor to Ceiling Grab Bar,” and has a maximum weight capacity of 136kg/300lb

The Stander product is called a “Security Pole & Curve Grab Bar.” and also has a maximum weight capacity of 136kg/300lb.

Last but not least is the Healthcraft SuperPole with a 16in/406mm Horizontal Grab Bar.  What I really like about this product is that the horizontal bars rotational position can be easily locked into any position by simply lifting the bar up slightly and then turning it to the desired position and then let it drop down into that position and lock itself into place.  

You have purchasing options with this product too.  These options are in relation to the based on the ceiling height of a room and your weight.  The floor to ceiling height options are either a maximum of 8ft/2.4metres or a maximum of 10ft/3metres, with the longer pole costing a little more.  The weight options are for a maximum user weight of 136kg/300lb or 204kg/450lb, but the 204kg/450lb option only comes with the pole, which has a maximum height of 8ft/2.4metres.  

The more robust pole costs about 30% more, but it’s nice to know that there is one available for those who require the extra capacity.

Keep these 4 things in mind when shopping for a stand assist device:

considerations when buying a sit to stand assistance device

1.     Make sure you understand the weight capacity, are you heavier than the weight capacity rating of the device?

2.    Will you be able to adjust the height, width or depth of the device sufficiently so that it will suit you best?

3.    Be sure to consider a standing aid that is easy for you or your partner to operate.

4.    The Portability & Versatility of the standing might be another key feature to base your decision on.  Some standing aids are designed to be portable and can be used in varying applications around the home, others are meant to be installed in one place and remain there.

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