Opening jars-tins-door knobs with arthritis

opening tins jars and door knobs with arthritis

opening glass jars, tins & round door knobs

Hand arthritis can make opening and turning objects difficult, frustrating, and painful.   We have doctors to help with the medical side of things, but because we are all different shapes and sizes, ages, and have varying degrees of joint issues, the type of gadget or equipment we might need to help address our issues at home will often be unique to our individual situation.

There are a lot of gimmicky items for sale online, so I recommend researching each item and watching a few live demonstrations via YouTube Videos.   The next pre-purchase checkpoint is whether these items are available from a reputable provider of mobility aids, healthcare equipment, assisted living technologies, and rehabilitation equipment.  

Sometimes it’s just so much easier to shop at a store with a door.   Sure, if you buy something online and it doesn’t work out, you can usually get a refund or credit, but you simply cannot test an item in-store if you only shop online.

An easier way of opening glass jars with Arthritis.

opening glass jar lids

The love/hate relationship with glass jar lids should not be underestimated.    If, like many of us, you enjoy pickled onions, bread and butter cucumbers, or stuffed Spanish olives, you’ll know that taking a shower, getting dressed, going to the supermarket, buying your groceries, and returning home is the easy part.   When it’s time for lunch, the hardest part is getting the lids off these jars.

Even if you use the old trick of banging diagonally across the edge of the lid with the back of a knife or other implement, if your hands are in bad shape, it’s nearly impossible to open that jolly lid.

Once you insert the batteries and place it over the top of the jar, this opener does everything for you.   As you can see in the video, the device’s automated sequence begins when you press the big green ‘go button’ on top of it.   In the first instance, the inner jaws latch onto the lid. 

The outer jaws then move in and firmly grasp the glass jar.  The top jaws then spin around and completely open the lid.   You must wait for its sequence to complete.   The top jaws will open first, followed by the bottom jaws, and you will be able to lift it off the jar, pick up the lid, and set it aside.

Opening cans with ring pull lids with Arthritis in your hands

This product, known as the ‘Canpull,’ should probably be called the ‘Canpush&pull,’ because it is a very sensible product that recognises that the first step in opening a can with a ring pull lid is to break the seal of the tin.

As you can see in the video above, when you connect this device to the ring pull tab, you push forwards with it.  This action then utilises the sharpened end of the tab to pierce the tin.   As you continue to push forwards, it begins to separate the lid from the tin.  The next step is to insert the prong through the ring and then gently push down on the back of the device in what could be described as a rolling motion.   As you do this, the lid easily peels up and across, almost effortlessly.

Door Knob Grips for opening round door knobs with Arthritis.

opening round door knobs with ez grips

The ‘EZ Door Knob Grips’ also known as ‘Great Grips’ make it much easier for anyone with arthritic hands to open doors with round door knobs.   Even if you don’t have arthritis, these door knobs can be difficult to turn when they’re wet or if the person who used the door before you had something greasy on their hands, making the door knob extremely slippery and unusable without first cleaning it.

The wing-shaped outer parts of these Door Knob Grips provide a surface for the user to push on from either side.   These grips, once installed, change the overall shape of the surface to be turned by your hand.   For anyone with limited hand movement ability or strength, the door knob’s now flatter sides provide a much easier hand placement area for applying a turning motion.   You can even open a door with a round door knob with just one finger by pressing down on one of the wing-shaped sides with these grips installed.

Installation is mostly easy. Once you’ve removed the grip from the packaging, you run it under hot water for a minimum of 30 seconds to allow it to expand and be stretchier.   It does take a little effort and hand strength though to work the grip over the door knob until it fits properly and covers the entire knob. The good news though is that you only ever have to do it once and that’s it.  There are also inserts that can be purchased and inserted into these EZ Door Knob Grips to make them illuminate at night.   They are available as a standard accessory.   These photoluminescent inserts absorb light energy during the day and glow at night.

They are easily replaceable and can come in handy if you need to find door knobs with these grips in the middle of the night.   The fitment of these grips does not interfere with your ability to use your keys or manual locks on these doors; they are designed with that section of the knob exposed for these reasons.

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